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Dear everyone❤️

Thank you for reading our blog again today.

Today I want to discuss bout privacy.

Okay I write this while listening to "my tears ricochet by Taylor Swift"

What a beautiful lyrics and melody.

But its not what I am going to write here.

What I am going to write is something deeper❤️

Gonna start with this quote 

"Privacy is gem. What people don't know they can't ruin"

Look even though I am Muslim and we believe that we cannot show off what we had (riak) to avoid (a"in) "jealousy from other people"

But I think its applicable to everybody.

What you love , and who you love, you need to keep it private.

Your happiness need to be kept private.

Treasure it and keep it private.

Trust me you'll be happier.

There would be no fight.

Interestingly, I used to pray to My Lord.

I want something that is "no fight"

This is duniya. Of course there is fight don't ya think so?

But then I try to apply this. Privacy.

And guess what❤️

It was the best months of my life.

No fights.

If you love something and you treasure that thing, keep it hidden.

Always do zikr (remember Allah) like subhanaAllah, alhamdulillah and so on. 

Till then take care and keep it private.